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Get back to brewing great beer

We’ll help you improve operations without compromising your craft

Does this sound familiar? A passion for great beer became a growing brewery, but now your daily routines include a lot of responsibilities—and distractions. Every hour you spend wearing all of the hats is one less spent on crafting quality beer.
We help you save time, improve brewery-wide communications and planning, and ensure quality metrics and record-keeping. 

Here are the features we offer to help you craft consistent quality:

  • Brewing history
  • Recipe management
  • Inventory management (RAW ingredient, packaging materials & finished goods)
  • Digitalization of data
  • Data visualization
  • Reports including cost of goods, traceability

We’ve created a solution to remove the hurdles and get you back to doing what you love—crafting great-tasting beer.

We consulted with expert brewers to build our intuitive software, so it’s made for you and your workflow. Take advantage of automated solutions for menial and repetitive tasks. And, save time and labour, so you can focus on the bigger aspects of running a brewery. 

Better brewery inventory management, better quality control

What does saving you time look like? 

We’ll simplify your processes with efficient brewery inventory management, and give you better visibility into costs. 

Plus, we’ll add structure to your QA/QC program with recipe management and target monitoring that yields consistency and quality without compromise. 

Ready to Learn More? 

You’re already collecting the data. We’ll help you turn it into action.

Quality brewing takes time, and there’s little room in your day for unnecessary distractions. BrewersInsight provides streamlined solutions that keep all the information you need to run a brewery in one place—and nothing more. 

We grow with you. You’ll have us as a partner along the way–to listen, understand, and build solutions that evolve with your business.

And because we’ve had endless conversations with brewers, we know how busy peak production season can get. We’ll schedule check-ins at regular intervals to ensure you’re supported but never interrupted. 

It’s called “craft beer” for a reason. We know the time, care, and attention you put into your craft—and we want to show you how data can help.

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