Smart solutions aren’t just for big breweries anymore

For too long, big breweries
have benefitted from data solutions—
and we think it’s time to level the playing field.

We provide cost-effective, user-friendly data and training support that takes small-to-medium breweries to the next level with affordable brewery management software perfectly sized for your operations.
We empower you to operate with big brewery efficiency—without the big brewery price tag.

You know brewing—and we know data

If brewing is your expertise, why does your day seem to be full of menial tasks? Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent digging through reams of paperwork. We’ll help you climb out of the minutiae so you can get back to doing what you do best—crafting delicious beer!

Let’s combine our expertise to deepen understanding of your operations so you can plan, manage, and grow your brewery without compromising quality or consistency.

Our data insights can help you reduce production costs by tens of thousands and implement time and cost-saving efficiencies throughout your brewery operations.

Brewery management software built with brewers in mind

It’s called “craft beer” for a reason—like any time-honoured craft, we know how much attention, time, and care you invest into making quality beer. 

We worked closely with breweries to develop a brewery-focused solution that is centred on the user experience, simplifies process flow, and helps you consistently brew the best.

Easily access all the data and reports you need—like recipe management, inventory and packaging management, and duty calculations—without being bogged down with information you don’t.   

Technology can level the playing field for small breweries

hand holding beer glass extending out of tablet screen

Let us show you how to make the most of it. We have data-driven insights for everything from inventory to quality control to reporting. 

While your batches may be smaller, BrewersInsight helps you operate with big-batch efficiency with brewery management software that does what you need it to without complicating your process.

Our data solutions help you craft a consistently better brew with deeper insights into the fermentation process. We provide the insights you need to eliminate the guesswork and brew on.