About Brewersinsight

Deep insights into your craft brewery operations
Eliminate the guesswork

BrewersInsight is a grain-to-glass brewery management platform built for Canadian craft brewers. This easy-to-use data solution is designed to streamline brewery operations. Production, quality control, inventory, waste management, and even government compliance—we take care of it all to make your life easier. 

We listen and work with you to understand your operational hurdles. The goal? To provide you with smart solutions that work.

Say goodbye to paper brew logs, spreadsheets, and texts. With BrewersInsight, you get the information you need to run your brewery at your fingertips so you can hone your craft. 

Our easy-to-use brewery management platform can help with:

Our Values

The Power of Data

We believe in the power of data and the incredible optimization potential that data insights can bring to your business. We use our knowledge and expertise in IoT technology and remote monitoring systems to create custom solutions that deliver the data and insights our customers need—when and how they need them.


We believe technology can change the status quo. We constantly seek new ways to solve the array of industry-specific challenges that our customers face with innovative technological solutions.


We know we always work better when we work together. We develop and sustain effective and collaborative relationships with our customers to build success.


Being trustworthy, reliable, and honest while helping our customers succeed is of utmost importance to us. To do this, we set the highest standards—in the products and services we offer and our interactions with our customers.

Commitment to Clients

In our minds, the customer always comes first. Our professional team is dedicated to getting to know what you want and need to be successful. As a result, we deliver the highest quality of customer service with a sense of friendliness, authenticity, and expertise.

Brewery-focused data solutions

Did you know you’re already collecting the data you need to take your brewery to the next stage of growth? Let’s work together to turn your data into powerful action.

BrewersInsight is proudly owned and operated in Canada. Led by Robyn Warrier, co-founder and CEO, we are experts in data and passionate entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of data and its potential to disrupt the status quo.

Don’t worry—there’s no need for software specialists here. We know how busy the peak production season can get. We’ll schedule check-ins at regular intervals to ensure you’re supported, but never interrupted. This means you can spend more time doing what you love: making great beer.

Ready to learn more? 

Built to support craft brewers

We work with the brewing community to solve common problems, while staying focused on the bigger picture: helping small-to-medium breweries operate with large brewery efficiency.

Our brewery-focused solution is born from countless conversations with brewers, operations, and owners. We know that time is money, and in the brewery, you don’t have much time. 

That’s why we designed BrewersInsight with the user experience in mind, featuring a streamlined interface and smart automation that frees you up from menial tasks so you can focus on what matters most: managing your brewery.