Our Product – BrewersInsight

How the BrewersInsight production monitoring software works

BrewersInsight is a fully user-deployable brewing software system. You don’t need an IT degree to set it up, or a marketing degree to analyze the data it delivers.

Running on self-contained batteries, the hardware is completely wireless and integrates seamlessly with the BrewersInsight software.

It is production monitoring made simple, and it’s here to make life easier for craft brewers.

Installing your BrewersInsight production monitoring software

We’ll send you everything you need, and you can set it up within hours without shutting down production at your brewery.

  1. You plug the wireless sensor nodes into the relevant ports on your brewing equipment, including fermentation tanks, refrigerators and glycol chiller units
  2. You remotely program the self-contained battery to wirelessly transmit sensor data to the BrewersInsight cloud platform via WiFi connection.
  3. Set up your BrewersInsight cloud platform. Getting started is quick and painless with our easy-to-understand instructions and helpful prompts.
  4. From the BrewersInsight cloud platform, watch real time sensor data streams from your remote monitoring equipment, view charts and reports, store recipes with associated sensor data, set parameters for each sensor to send alerts to mobile phones at the times you need them.

This purpose-built brewery software analyzes the data for you using powerful and proven algorithms and predictive analytics, so you can cut straight to the actionable data insights and focus on improving your products, processes and profits.

And if you’re not interested in remote monitoring of your fermentation tanks, chillers or refrigeration units? No problem. This brewing software works on its own: just use step #3.

Have time to sample your craft beer, while BrewewrsInsight generates data to support your brewing expertise

BrewersInsight Real-Time Production Monitoring Software: Benefits

Data technology, as an enabler of AI functions, process automation and data analytics, are already providing a competitive advantage to big-budget breweries.

BrewersInsight brewery software brings those same benefits – and more – to craft brewers.

Automate brewing processes and use remote monitoring equipment to save time

  • View real-time data from smart sensors attached to fermentation tanks, glycol chillers and refrigeration units on your BrewersInsight cloud platform, anytime, anywhere – no need to stay onsite to check temperature and pressure gauges
  • Cut the paperwork and clunky spreadsheets: set and save an unlimited number of craft beer recipes, so you can ‘set and forget’ brewing equipment for remote monitoring of your entire product range

Make data-driven decisions to increase craft brewery efficiency and productivity

  • Pull reports on key metrics at any time, with intuitive data visualization features and powerful and proven algorithms for predictive analytics to help you identify trends and gain actionable data insights
  • Identify causes of production downtime and errors to proactively prevent batch loss and optimize brewing processes

Enhance quality control measures throughout the entire brewing process

  • Remotely monitor key quality management metrics, including the crucial early stages of mashing and conditioning when data is not typically collected in other brewing systems
  • Receive automatic alerts via email or text based on your recipe and quality control parameters, reducing the risk and potential severity of deviations