Frequently Asked Questions
What customers ask about brewery management software

BrewersInsight empowers craft breweries across Canada with streamlined operations and data-driven insights. 

We’re happy to offer details about how our system can help you plan, manage, and grow your business. Here are a few questions our customers have asked along the way. 

Company background

Where is BrewersInsight located? 

We are based in Canada. Our main operations are in Bedford, Nova Scotia, with a customer service department based in Nova Scotia and Ontario. 

How long have you been in business? 

WarrierTech was established in 2013 with a focus on products and services that bridge the gap between data collection and data dissemination. We began building BrewersInsight in 2016.

Who are the typical users within companies?  

Our typical users include operations managers, brewers, accountants, bookkeepers, production managers, packaging coordinators, and owners. 


How new is your software? When was it developed? 

BrewersInsight began in 2016 and has evolved into the brewery management software it is today. 

What is the platform built on? What technology do you use? 

BrewersInsight is a cloud-based platform built on modern technology stacks. 

What brewery inventory do you capture? Raw materials? Packaging? Labels? 

Our system captures all of the above to help you plan and manage your inventory. 

What type of reports can your system run for me? 

The BrewersInsight platform can run the following reports: 

  • Brew Run History 
  • Cost of Brew Run
  • Inventory on Hand 
  • Production Reporting 
  • Traceability 

We also have a Material Forecasting report coming soon. 

How many users can we have? 

As many as you would like.

Can we adjust access to certain modules for certain users?  

Yes! There are different access levels, and new users can be added anytime.

Is it scalable? What is included in the base product, and what are the add-ons?

Our base offering (tier 1) includes:

  • Inventory management (RAW ingredients, packaging materials, and finished goods)
  • CFIA traceability compliant
  • Electronic data-keeping from brewhouse to packaging
  • Reports (including COGS & packaged goods)
  • Quality control structure
  • Recipe management
  • Data visualization

Additional features (add-ons) include:

  • Planning and forecasting 
  • QuickBooks online integration (coming soon) 

What devices does BrewersInsight work on?

We recommend using a dedicated iPad or Android Tablet for easy access while brewing. BrewersInsight is compatible with all laptops as well. 

What browsers will BrewersInsight work with? 

Our platform is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.


Where is the data stored? 

Stored in cloud servers within Canada.

Who owns the data? 

Our customers own their data and are explicitly specified in our Service Level Agreement. 

Does BrewersInsight have access to my data? 

No, the data is encrypted. 

What is your business continuity model? 

Our offerings are deployed on industry-leading cloud service providers who offer 99.9% uptime. Business continuity is built into the SLA provided by our cloud and technology partners.

Where is my data backed up?  

Data is backed up at a regional level in cloud service provider data centers.

What happens in the event of a data breach? 

We employ secure data encryption, access, and authorization schemes. In the event of a data breach, we have the ability to immediately limit access to the platform.  


What currency is your pricing in? 

Our pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Is there a contract? What is the length of the term? 

Yes, starting with one year. 

How is the BrewersInsight platform priced? Is it based on users, modules or volume? 

Our pricing is currently based on users but will eventually change to a feature-based model. We’re happy to extend preferred pricing options for existing users when a price change occurs.

Is there a set-up fee? 

$900 one-time onboarding fee.

What are the ongoing prices for base modules and add-ons?
We have two pricing tiers to help our customers choose the best option for their needs.

  • Tier 1: $319 per month
  • Tier 2: $469 per month


What are your customer service hours? 

We work hard to respond promptly when you need support. You can expect your email to be returned within 2-6 hours of our receiving it. We are also reachable by phone and text message.

Are there any additional fees? 

There are no additional fees besides the $900 onboarding fee, and we offer unlimited customer support.

If we didn’t answer your questions, please contact us directly, we’re happy to help.