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What is BrewersInsight

BrewersInsight is a grain to glass brewery management platform.

This represents quality control, traceability compliance, and ultimately the productivity of your brewery’s operations. BrewersInsight gives brewers and owners insight into their operations by digitizing, streamlining and communicating their tasks and data points, so you and your team can spend less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time doing what you love; making great beer.

One place to manage your data.

Our purpose-built brewery management software stores, manages and provides convenient access to all of your production data in one place, so you can cut straight to the actionable data insights and focus on improving your products, processes and profits.

Combined with our innovative hardware, BrewersInsight enables remote monitoring of production, automatic alerts from your brewing equipment, and which ultimately gives you some peace of mind.


The brewery management platform you’ve been waiting for

Easy to use

Simple and fast install / Easy to enter data, store recipes, view charts and reports / Data is uncomplicated, accessible and practical


Detailed reports to pinpoint equipment errors or recipe variation / Precise tracking of ingredients and inventory / Assists in complying with government mandated traceability demands / Accurate real-time data throughout the entire brewing process with ChillerGuard hardware


Built to be flexible so it reflects your brewing process, without an additional customization fee / BrewersInsight is completely scalable, as it’s capable of handling all your management needs today, and tomorrow and as your brewery grows / ChillerGuard hardware can be used in any chiller or refrigerator that needs temperature monitoring


Having production tracked on a centralized tool also allows your whole team to access information at the same time / Track production from any device from anywhere at anytime


BrewersInsight is very economical and can be used for as little as 0.20$ an hour

Core Features of BrewersInsight

Imagine, just needing one tool to manage, automate and optimize the production of great craft beer.

  • Electronic data and reports
  • Quality control structures
  • Inventory management
  • Packaging management

  • Gov’t traceability compliance
  • Recipe management
  • Data visualization
  • Remote monitoring

Quick and Simple Installation.

At BrewersInsight we know how valuable your time is, so we’ve designed our software and hardware to be easily installed as quickly as possible. We’ll send you everything you need, so you can set up BrewersInsight within hours without shutting down production at your brewery, unlike our competitors which can take days or even weeks.

And if you do have any questions or issues while installing BrewersInsight; Don’t worry. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is always available to help and we’ll provide you with updated training modules to help you every step of the way.


The addition of BrewersInsight has been a key part of standardizing operating procedures in a concise, step-by-step manner.

Steve Crane

The Church Brewing Co.

BrewersInsight has helped improve our quality and consistency; allowing us to better compete in a crowded market.

Colin Hoffman

Bigelow Brewing Company

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