About BrewersInsight

Who are we?

We’re a small team of data professionals who share a passion for craft beer. With a fervent belief in the power of data – and in the incredible potential for optimization that data insights can bring – we aim to level the playing field between small and large businesses with cutting-edge data technologies.

For many years we have leveraged the power of remote monitoring and data collection systems. Our background is in deep sea sensor data to enable real-time weather prediction for meteorological organizations.

Collecting data in real time is essential to countless businesses. And, having experienced the power and value of data in virtually every industry – and from discussion with brewer friends – we realized that the benefit of real-time data insights has been out of reach for craft brewers. And we wanted to change that.

Remote monitoring and quality management for the modern craft brewer

Advances in technology have changed the way we work in every industry, and the brewery industry is no different. From automating processes to save time and eliminate human error to collecting and analyzing data to improve products and processes, manage resources and optimize budgets, the opportunities that remote monitoring offers businesses are huge.

We realized that craft brewers were desperately in need of technologies to simplify the brewing process and enhance the quality and consistency of their products. Providing production and process data to producers when it matters most was something we were uniquely qualified to do.

Our experience in data collection for Ocean Tech was easily adapted to this growing sector.  Helping craft brewers enhance quality management throughout the entire brewing process to produce a high quality product every time was something we could raise a glass to.

The problem is that too often, the cost is also huge. Small to medium-sized enterprises, like craft breweries, too often miss out on these opportunities. We decided to level the playing field.

And so, BrewersInsight was born.

The BrewersInsight journey

Together, we developed an IoT-enabled data collection system that would collect production data from equipment throughout the brewing process and deliver it to any device in real time. The result, BrewersInsight: an inexpensive and user-friendly brewing process and production monitoring software solution.

Ultimately, this brewing software makes craft brewers’ lives easier, their operations more efficient and productive, and their products consistently the highest quality they can be.

BrewersInsight today

Based on the east coast of Canada, we assist hundreds of passionate craft brewers in gaining the insights they need to create the best possible quality products – and even to compete with the biggest beer producers on a more level playing field.

We are constantly looking for more ways to empower craft brewers with the tools they need to drive efficiency, growth and product development. We work with universities on R & D projects to discover and develop new technologies that make life easier – and work, more productive – for craft brewers everywhere.

About WarrierTech


Since 2013, WarrierTech has been passionate about leveraging the power of data collection and remote monitoring. With a primary aim of creating affordable and user-deployable data collection solutions, WarrierTech initially created BrewersInsight to empower small and medium sized business owners, who have often missed out on the game-changing benefits of remote monitoring technology, to drive efficiency, productivity and quality in their businesses.