Our Technology

Our technology

BrewersInsight uses a range of cutting-edge data technologies to deliver an intelligent, integrated brewing software solution.

Are you ready to do more of what you love – and do it better?

Remote monitoring to make craft brewers’ lives easier, and their operations more productive

With BrewersInsight, there’ll be no more weekends chained to your equipment, no more clunky brewing logs and hand-written recipes, and no more trawling through spreadsheets and guessing at the cause of production errors.

  • Cloud-based dashboard
    • BrewersInsight provides a range of brewery management insights and data visualization solutions in the BrewersInsight cloud platform.
  • Smart sensors and remote production monitoring
    • Using data connectivity between wireless sensors attached to brewing equipment, BrewersInsight enables remote monitoring of key brewing metrics. Smart sensors feed data straight to your cloud platform.
  • Automatic alerts from brewing equipment
    • BrewersInsight can deliver automatic alerts from fermentation tanks, glycol chillers and refrigeration units to any device. Recipients and alert parameters can be changed at any time.

With BrewersInsight, less work on weekends, and more time for family

Enhancing quality assurance for craft brewers

Aside from making small to medium sized brewery owners’ lives easier with remote monitoring of real-time production data, BrewersInsight exists to help craft brewers make high quality craft beer – and more of it.

  • End-to-end data collection from remote monitoring equipment
    • We believe quality assurance starts at the very beginning. The early stages – from mashing to conditioning – are crucial to the quality and consistency of every batch. BrewersInsight monitors and analyzes production data throughout the entire brewing process.
  • Real-time data insights
    • BrewersInsight provides actionable data insights to aid quality management, predictive analysis, equipment efficiency and production optimization using proven algorithms and machine learning.
  • On-demand reports
    • Something taste a bit off in your last batch? Get the reports you need at any time, from anywhere to pin-point equipment errors and recipe variations that can cause product inconsistencies and batch loss.

Every batch, quality controlled, from start to finish

Empowering small-budget brewers with big-budget technology

IoT technology and data can level the playing field between the largest businesses and the smallest. With IoT-enabled brewing equipment connectivity, process automation and real-time data insights, this brewery management software empowers independent and craft brewers to compete with leading global beer brands when it comes to efficiency, consistency and quality.

  • Affordable IoT technology
    • BrewersInsight is economical – you can run this game-changing system for less than the price of your morning coffee every day.
  • Brewing process monitoring
    • Get alerts on key production data so you can track errors and variations from your recipe parameters, and stop batch loss before it begins to save tens of thousands of crucial production dollars.
  • Production optimization
    • Run reports on losses, batch specific overhead and overall equipment efficiency to identify trends in your production process and pin-point errors and inefficiencies.

Compare BrewersInsight with the manual, papered based process

The BrewersInsight advantage

Can you imagine a CFO doing business accounting without modern accounting software? Hand-writing receipts for payments, entering expenses into spreadsheets, calculating profits and losses and manually ‘balancing the books’ (you know – literal, paper books)? Not having access to financial data – which could help identify historical and developing trends, unforeseen obstacles and opportunities for budget optimization – to enable profitable decision-making?

No, because it would be a waste of company time and resources, a risk to business continuity and financial security, and most importantly, a missed opportunity to utilize data to drive efficiency, productivity and growth in the business.

It’s easy to see the inefficiencies and risks in this situation. The same logic applies to craft breweries and the traditional paper logs and handwritten records.

Why use outdated systems – manual production monitoring, spreadsheets and hand-written brew logs – which can hold your business back? And why let your most valuable asset – your production data – go to waste, when it could help you save time, work smarter and make better quality craft beer?

Luckily, you don’t have to anymore. We’ve made data-crunching, business-boosting, IoT technology-enabled production and process monitoring software affordable and easy-to-use for small to medium sized breweries.

Compare BrewersInsight with traditional brewing processes

Features Status Quo
Paper brew logs and spreadsheets
Electronic Audit Trail
Access to Historical Data
Real-time Alerts & Monitoring
Secure Cloud Storage
Data Visualization
100% Accurate Measurement Conversions
Process Quality Control
Manual Data Entry ••
Real-time Data Access
Electronic Reports (PDF, Excel)
Recipe Management
24/7 Automatic Temperature Readings